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Upgrading Retail-J to Cegid Retail Y2

MWC Partners have extensive experience in configuring, building, implementing and supporting both Retail-J and Cegid Retail Y2 POS software. For users of Retail-J software considering Cegid Retail Y2, we have developed a proven pilot and migration strategy to enable retailers to upgrade to Cegid Retail Y2.

Underpinning the model is the development of direct interfaces between Retail-J and Cegid Retail Y2 and the utilisation of existing interfaces to enable a seamless migration.

Cegid Retail Y2 is fully integrated with existing Retail-J installations by reformatting its data into Retail-J format, and vice versa. During migration the two systems share data and process transactions side-by-side. This allows retailers to utilise the existing inbound and outbound interfaces between Retail-J and existing head office and eCommerce systems during the transitional stage of the migration. There is no need to develop interfaces between Cegid Retail Y2 and central systems until later. This approach significantly reduces the risk and complexity of integration and provides a more rapid and lower-cost route to pilot.




Strong and disciplined project management and an on-going commitment to delivering post-implementation service and support are at the heart of MWC Partners’ deployment model for a successful migration to upgrade Retail-J, minimising pilot cost and business risk.

Once a successful migration to Cegid Retail Y2 has been achieved, clients have a powerful new platform to enable further in-store and cross-channel innovation. Read how Choice Discount upgraded Retail-J to Cegid Retail Y2 and find out about Cegid Retail Y2 and Cegid’s new omnichannel POS and clientelling app, Shopping.

For advice and guidance on choosing POS systems, this article is a good place to start.

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