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MWC Partners’ retail IT consultancy provides the expertise retailers need to help select, implement, manage and support retail IT systems. We have many years of experience of working with retailers and helping them to identify products and services that enable business goals to be realised. We’re well known in the sector as a trusted pair of hands, and to our clients we’re an essential part of the retail IT ecosystem.

Our retail IT consultancy starts with listening to and understanding clients’ business and IT requirements.  We can consult on IT strategy and help retailers develop a framework to evaluate turnkey retail systems, such as POS software. While major turnkey systems can be the right strategic choice, it is often the case that simpler point solutions can satisfy business requirements more cost-effectively. We can help evaluate how to solve gaps in capability and performance while streamlining business operations.

We are independent and will recommend solutions based not on whether we can sell a product or service to clients, but on what is right for their business. We work with selected retail technology companies, with whom we have developed long-term relationships, to bring together a market-leading suite of retail software products. But – if we can’t take on a project we’ll say so and try to find someone else who can.

The solutions we offer are based on the knowledge and expertise gained from working with a wide range of software products, technologies and architectures, and understanding how to achieve business requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. Once technology, architectural and product decisions have been made, we can help clients take on new systems, or provide guidance on extending and enhancing existing assets where it is more cost-effective to do so.

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