POS Hand Sanitiser

Retail Hand Sanitiser Holder

Safeguarding customers and staff in stores

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged retailers to re-evaluate the safety of customers and staff in store. As retailers start to re-open in the coming months, customers’ wellbeing will be vitally important. At point of sale, where customers paying for transactions over the contactless limit must press buttons on a pin entry device (PED), there is the potential for transmission of coronavirus. A retail hand sanitiser holder at point of sale provides an effective means to help reduce transmission of the disease.

With government restrictions likely to remain in force for some time, retailers need to consider how to protect customers and staff. MWC Partners is expanding its portfolio of hardware products to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with a hand sanitiser dispenser holder for point of sale. Created by Ergonomic Solutions, the holder gives customers using pin entry devices a quick and convenient opportunity to sanitise their hands before and/or after completing a transaction. Customers using cash or contactless payment may also like to use the hand sanitiser for peace of mind.

The hand sanitiser dispenser holder is easily installed in minutes. It can be attached to existing SpacePole Chip & PIN (PED) device mounts where these are already installed. Alternatively, it can be wall mounted or mounted on a floor stand. MWC Partners can also provide complete POS hardware solutions for clients who have Chip & PIN devices loose on the counter. The discrete footprint and modular fitting of the holder won’t impact on packing or payment areas, or customer throughput at the point of sale.


Mounted Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Holder


Hand Sanitiser Mounts

Fitting Options

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Holder: Applications

  • Safeguarding customers and staff in stores
  • High footfall checkout lanes
  • Hygiene-sensitive retail environments
  • Busy public spaces where sanitisation is important


  • Modular design and fittings for simple and rapid installation
  • Compatible with most hand sanitiser containers no wider than 80mm
  • Offers the same ergonomics and build quality of the Ergonomic Solutions range


  • Enhances and promotes hand sanitisation in stores
  • Minimal impact on customer transaction time
  • Increases customer confidence and retailer reputation

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