Yourcegid Retail

As a fully accredited Cegid services partner, MWC Partners is authorised to sell Yourcegid Retail point of sale software and to offer an extensive range of services for prospective and existing users.

With MWC Partners based only 10 minutes away from Cegid UK offices, the two companies have developed a very close working relationship.

The very latest version of Yourcegid Retail is Y2. Its modern web services architecture and full omni-channel capability means that it offers retailers the opportunity to meet the increasing demands of a digital economy and to maintain a flexible solution that can be adapted to an ever-changing retail systems environment.

Yourcegid Retail features:

  • Omnicommerce
  • POS and store management
  • Clientelling & CRM
  • Mobile
  • Inventory management
  • Merchandise management
  • Analytics and data intelligence
  • Cloud SaaS

Contact us to find out more. MWC Partners are retail specialists with many years experience implementing different POS solutions and interfacing these solutions to a wide range of head office and eCommerce systems. You can be confident that our experience will help your business successfully make the transition from your existing POS solution to Yourcegid Retail and to ensure that data continues to flow seamlessly across the enterprise.

Maximising the Value of Yourcegid Retail eBook

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