MWC Partners offer a comprehensive range of professional services for users of Retail-J point of sale software. Our operational and technical staff have many years experience working with and supporting the product, and our team can support and optimise any implementation cost-effectively, responsively and reliably.

Whether you see Retail-J as your POS system for the next few years, or require assistance while you transition towards a replacement solution, we can provide advice and support to help you make the right decision.

Initially we will work with you to understand the route you’ve chosen to ensure that it is right for your business. Occasionally there are valid reasons why upgrading to the latest release of the software is not necessarily the right choice and why reconfiguration and/or the introduction of other solutions may be the most expedient and cost-effective solution.

MWC Partners understand the disruptions and costs associated with performing a Retail-J upgrade and will work with you to ensure that they are kept to a minimum. Our team may be used to bolster your own expertise and resources – to provide specialist services for elements of the upgrade – or ultimately to assume full responsibility for the project.

Upgrading from Retail-J to Cegid Retail Y2 eBook

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