Stock Patrol

Stock Patrol is a retail mobile stock counting application for stock control and goods-in and goods-out procedures in stores. It offers a rapid and easy-to-use solution for retail stock counting, with bar-code scanning and stock reporting.

Stock Patrol comprises three components:

  • a central agent to manage the solution
  • a back office agent which interoperates with connected devices and offers remote users management control
  • a device agent which delivers the application functionality on the chosen HHT

Stock Patrol is highly configurable to accommodate different retail stock counting processes. It integrates easily with POS and retail store management systems. It has been designed to allow future new features and application enhancements to be added simply and cost-effectively.

Stock Patrol: Retail Mobile Stock Counting

Stock Patrol accepts count requests from multiple sources, including POS and central systems. Product data can be held locally on HHTs or on remote servers. The system includes role-based menus and permissions. From the central agent, users can specify:

  • Full stock count requests
  • Estate-wide, store group and individual store count requests
  • Specific count requests for individual SKUs and variants

Stock Count: Functional Highlights

  • Count by store, location, fixture or product code
  • Count against expected quantities
  • Optional manual entry of quantities, confirmation limits and authorisations
  • Deletion of last or multiple scans (subject to user permissions)
  • Count verification and approval

Goods In: Functional Highlights

  • Multi-tier goods shipment hierarchy
  • Selection, acknowledgement and validation of goods containers
  • Split deliveries with management of discrepancies

Goods Out: Functional Highlights

  • Inter-branch transfers
  • Real-time scanned product validation
  • Goods-out shipment review

MWC Partner’s retail mobile stock application can be installed on tablets or other retail-hardened hand-held mobile devices, such as the TC20 from Zebra. Communication to the host solution is typically via Wi-Fi for full flexibility and real-time updates, or by batch processing where Wi-Fi is not available. The host solution can be installed on either a central or hosted server, or a local client system.┬áStock Patrol interfaces with most Point-of-Sale and Head Office stock management systems easily.