PEDPatrol is an easy-to-use PED device management solution for monitoring and auditing retail estates of Chip & PIN devices.

PEDPatrol automates the capture of device serial numbers and deployment locations, and provides regular monitoring and audit services. The system removes the challenge of knowing where individual devices are deployed, how they are performing and if a potentially rogue unit has been introduced into your estate.

Once configured PEDPatrol can be left to communicate with specified support personnel via email updates or via the application’s management console.



  • automated PED serial number and location
  • scheduled checks to ensure that devices are still in their expected location
  • full audit trail of device movements
  • configurable alerts
  • email alerts to ensure that queries are raised for investigation at the earliest opportunity


  • full Chip & PIN stock audit – understand where your devices are
  • identify the entry of potentially unauthorised devices into your estate
  • recognise device movements within store and the re-entry of units returning from the repair cycle
  • identify devices that have repeatedly entered into the repair cycle


In addition to meeting the PED device management rules under PCI standards, PEDPatrol offers a level of protection against the introduction of unexpected devices into a monitored estate. The solution also assists in the identification of devices that repeatedly fail and will identify locations that have a higher than average turnover of devices.