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Discover Cegid Shopping, the new multi-device omnichannel POS

“Retailing anywhere, anytime, any device”

Cegid Shopping is a new digital instore and unified commerce solution for sales associates, part of the Cegid Retail Y2 suite of products for retail. Intuitive, ergonomic and customisable, Cegid Shopping offers the perfect balance between function, usability and design. It integrates seamlessly into your team’s daily operations to simplify sales and management. Cegid Shopping is available on fixed, mobile and smartphone devices, on premise or in the cloud via a SasS subscription model.

Cegid Retail Y2 provides all the features you need to boost efficiency and productivity instore, from checkout to customer service, by streamlining your retail operations and empowering sales associates to be more autonomous.



    Order Management

    Manage online, instore and omnichannel customer orders from a centralised dashboard. Customers enjoy personalised interactions, helping to minimise service and order processing costs.


    Store Management

    Manage your store via a customisable dashboard, instantly updated to give a comprehensive view of sales against target, stock and staff performance.


    HR Management

    Coordinate staff schedules and shifts, manage sales objectives payroll and commissions. Track sales associates performance by reading their digital fingerprints and recording their operations.



    Effortlessly manage your in-store and e-commerce operations around the world, while ensuring compliance with local commercial, regulatory, and tax requirements.


    Optimised Against Fraud

    Provides access restrictions, secured transaction, customer and POS data, suspicious behaviour flags and legal compliance to help prevent and reduce instore fraud.



    Inventory Management

    Harness the benefits of centralised stock management and gain a real-time view of inventory to guarantee product availability and capture sales opportunity.


    Movement Tracking

    Whether reserved online, on hold in store, on consignment or in transit, stock statuses are instantly updated, giving network-wide control of omnichannel inventory.


    Stock Rotation Optimisation

    Y2 allows businesses to optimise inventory and restock according to customer demand, minimising stock shortages or overstocking to maximise full price sales and increase profitability.

Cegid retail management solutions provide all the features you need to manage your business’ performance, improve decision making and increase sales and profitability. Manage your store estate, streamline your merchandise and inventory management and make informed decisions to accelerate your business’ transformation to unified commerce. Centralised online sales, inventory and customer data ensure instant availability of key metrics and give a 360 degree view of your business.


    Central Retail Administration

    Configure organisation and legal structures and associated parameters. Supports stores, concessions, airports and pop-up stores and manages the production of new environments and propagation of system and product data to devices.


    Product Data Management

    Manage the creation of your product offer from concept to launch. Create, import and manage product catalogues. Y2 allows rapid implementation of new offers and the flexibility to respond and modify them.


    Sales Pricing and Promotions

    Easily design and execute promotional offers across all channels. Run or simulate business operations in simple and complex scenarios. Manage trigger criteria, quantities or amounts and promotional incentives.



    Gain a 360-degree view of your customers with the customer insights dashboard. Granular segmentation of customer profile and behaviour enables you to hone the efficacy of your marketing campaigns across all channels and increase ROI.


    Budgets and Forecasts

    Define, calculate and track budgets by stores, salesperson and product objectives on historical data. Track purchasing commitments. Manage margins, purchasing and production, logistics and allocation.


    Finance and Control

    Model and track cost prices, optimise margins and generate accounting entries. Finance connection comprises coding, processing and export of data for general ledger and analytical accounts.


    Sales and Inventory

    Ensure you have the right product available in the right quantity at the right time. Fine-tune multichannel sales projections and rely on a “just-in-time” approach. Replenishment and restocking are based on selected rules; manage consignments from warehouse and suppliers.


    Sourcing and Replenishment

    Manage supplier relationships, documents and transmission of files. Optimise stock levels sourced from suppliers or internal manufacture using multiple calculation methods and selected rules, based on sales forecasts, customer orders and inventory, and automatically create purchase proposals.


    Logistics and Distribution

    Enhance the allocation of inventory and your shipping process, from receipt to loading for transportation. Simulate, prioritise and automatically allocate inventory to multiple sales channels within logistical constraints. Manage the flow of goods from warehouse and suppliers and manage priority depletion.


    Retail Intelligence

    A complete, ready-to-use business tool that consists of three elements: foundation, dashboard and plugins. Foundation provides data in OLAP format for use with Excel or multi-dimensional analysis tools; dashboard provides web or mobile views of retail, wholesale, CRM and supply; while plugins facilitate integration with other data sources. KPIs, actionable cubes and over 80 operational reports are available through a customisable online dashboard to help improve decision-making at every level of your company.

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