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Discover Cegid Retail Live Store

The new generation of collaborative in-store apps, designed to make customer journeys smoother and deliver the most efficient omnichannel experience

Cegid Retail Live Store is a customer-facing mobile POS solution for sales associates, part of the Cegid Retail suite of products for retail.

Live Store provides queue busting, click and collect, E-reservations, endless aisle, loyalty and promotions, and HQ and store collaboration.

Intuitive, ergonomic and customisable, Cegid Retail Live Store offers the perfect balance between function, usability and design. It integrates seamlessly into your team’s daily operations to simplify sales and management. The attractive and responsive user interface makes it easy for sales associates to search for customer records, quickly find products to add to an order, and process transactions quickly.

Live Store’s user-interface and business process flow is easily customised to client requirements.

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