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Mobile technology that re-defines the instore experience

Cegid mPOS, part of the Cegid Retail Y2 product suite, is a mobile POS solution designed to help retailers drive engagement with customers and create new sales opportunities. mPOS makes it easy for sales associates to search for products, search and edit customer details, create and manage orders and take electronic payments. It provides mobile access to omnichannel services including click-and-collect and home delivery, and to a retailer’s extended product catalogue and real-time stock information. Cegid mPOS empowers store staff to bring a full suite of mobile POS and omnichannel services direct to customers on the shop floor.

Cegid mPOS is ideal in situations where customers want to shop quickly or know what they want: with full mobile POS functionality, sales associates can serve customers efficiently wherever they are in store. mPOS is also well suited to appointment retail, which has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic, allowing customers concerned about hygiene to be served at the store entrance – a trend that is likely to continue to be popular in the future.

Cegid mPOS helps sales associates serve customers faster, build better relationships, improve service and increase sales.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart makes it easy for sales associates to search for customer records, quickly find products to add to an order, capture customer feedback and take electronic payments. These enhanced point of service capabilities are augmented with e-reservation, click-and-collect, ship-from-store and electronic payments. Shopping Cart lets sales associates start a transaction by scanning a product barcode, looking up a customer or searching the product catalogue.



Catalogue allows sales associates to search for and place orders on items not available in-store but which may be available in other stores, or from a warehouse.

At the core of this functionality are integrations with Shopify and Magento, via Cegid web services, and the provision of a real-time unified view of inventory across a retailer’s business held in Cegid Retail Y2.


Customer Information

Customer Information enables sales associates to manage and track one-to-one communications with customers, and share personalised product lists, photos or messages, using phone, SMS or email.


For retailers who prefer Microsoft technology, mPOS’s sister product, Shopping, is the ideal mobile POS solution for Windows. Find out more.

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    Mobile Technology in Retail: Cegid mPOS for iPads and iPhones