MWC Partners sell, implement and support market-leading POS solutions and retail applications. We provide a comprehensive range of retail IT services, including retail systems integration and independent consultancy. Everything we do is backed by our commitment to service excellence. Read what our clients have to say about us.

  • Cegid Retail

    We are a fully accredited Cegid business partner, specialising in selling, implementing and supporting Cegid Retail Y2 POS solutions in the UK.

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  • Retail-J

    We offer a wide range of professional services for users of Retail-J POS solutions. Our team provide services to over two thirds of the Retail-J user base.

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  • Retail IT Services

    We provide a full range of retail IT services to implement, support and enhance point of sale software, backed by our commitment to service excellence.

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  • Claire Joel, Head of IT

    "French Connection have worked with the team at MWC Partners for over fifteen years, through two generations of POS systems. We continue to work with them, not only because we can rely on the consistent high quality of their services but also because we respect their professional judgement.

    We know that we can trust MWC Partners to provide us with independent and impartial advice, to put our interests first, and to find solutions for those issues which other suppliers put in the 'too difficult' category."

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  • Sue Graham, Head of IT

    I have worked with the team at MWC Partners for many years, both at a strategic and at an operational level. What distinguishes MWC Partners from their competitors is their business philosophy and culture, they pride themselves on being responsive, practical and realistic.

    They work within the customer's budget constraints, they do not re-invent solutions if they don't need to, and they are very aware of the pressures and time-constraints in the retail environment. They will happily focus on resolving the issue first and sorting out the paperwork afterwards. A refreshing and professional approach.

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  • Thomas Clay, Head of IT, Slater Menswear

    "We have recently upgraded our EPOS solution to Cegid Y2 from Retail-J and this was a massive success. We faced a number of hurdles, one being pandemic lockdown, but this didn't stand in the way of all of all of our branches being upgraded and training provided to a very high standard.

    I am delighted to be working alongside MWC Partners on a number of new and exciting projects in the future."

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  • Daren Harris, Head of End User Support

    "We've always felt that we were in safe hands. What I love about MWC Partners is they don't just want to put a plaster on something, they want to find out the cause of the problem because in the long run it helps us and it helps them. They've been exemplary at everything we've challenged them with. They always work tirelessly to find an answer to problems. Our experience has been fantastic so far and I don't see that changing."

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