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eBook from MWC Partners:

The quality of a shopper’s in-store experience has been completely transformed in the omni-channel environment.

As Retail-J users consider their options for upgrading to a new replacement store systems solution, their key challenge is not only identifying the right product and the right team, but also selecting the best strategy to ensure a seamless migration.

Choosing the right team is essential for retailers to ensure that they are fully supported for the next ten to fifteen years. After a successful migration to Yourcegid Retail has been achieved, retailers have a strong platform to support in-store innovation, to automate key processes like stock-taking, to introduce mobile technologies and to increase time spent by sales assistants on the shop floor. 

In this eBook you will discover:

  • What every retailer should have on their wish list for a seamless customer interaction
  • The features that Yourcegid Retail offers to help retailers achieve digital transformation
  • How to achieve a seamless transition from Retail-J to Yourcegid Retail

To find out more and learn more about how a store systems upgrade to Yourcegid Retail can help deliver a seamless customer interaction, download our free eBook by completing the form to the right. 

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