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We offer an evolving portfolio of products and services designed to help streamline retail operations. 

PEDPatrol has been designed to simplify the management of your deployed estate of Chip & PIN devices. eSecure helps protect your retail estate from attack and meets many of the criteria stipulated by the PCI Council.

As well as offering a suite of best of breed retail software solutions, we are also able to undertake small development projects designed to deliver additional features and functionality that sit more naturally outside of core applications. By taking this approach, retailers can usually introduce new features faster and for less cost than by introducing similar changes into an existing solution. This route also allows retailers to introduce test functionality and solutions, without compromising core applications, giving the opportunity to review the performance of the change and adjust it with minimal disruption to the business. Examples range from simple data analysis, loss prevention reports and operational reporting requirements through to more complex solutions that bridge the gap between the centralised components of the POS solution and the retailer’s web presence.